These are Berlingot, pronouced BEARLANGO.  
.  This is a French word, however not all these
cubes are French.  I do not know whether or not
this word applies to all sugar wrapping of this sort,
but from what I have read, the word originated in
Carpentras, France.  
Berlingot was the word given to small candies that
were made out from the left-over syrup of fruit
preservation.   The Berlingot on the right however
are sugar not in a hard candy form.

The six wrapping on top come from Austria.  The
twelve below with people on them are from the
French company Erstein.  The orange two on the
right side with the title Sucran and also the one
below it with SUCRE in blue are from Spain.  The
five gold ones on the bottom are Spain.  The one
with the    + - sign on it is Swiss.