A naturally occurring fruit sugar, also referred to as "levulose," which is
present in fruits, honey and a variety of plants. When water, carbon
dioxide and energy from the sun are absorbed by plants, the
combination of these elements are turned into simple sugars known as
Glucose and Fructose. As Fructose combines with glucose, a substance
identified as Sucrose is created, which is more commonly referred to as
cane, white or table sugar.
Many individuals with sensitivities to sugars, prefer using Fructose as a
substitute for cane sugar, since it metabolizes slower than Fructose and
does not raise Glucose or blood sugar levels as quickly. Fructose, which
is also known as a simple sugar or a simple carbohydrate, provides the
sweetest flavor of all sugars particularly when it is used as a cold sugar
rather than a warm sugar. It is a sugar that is typically produced from
corn starch to be used as a sweetener in soft drinks, fruit beverages,
dairy products, ice creams, baby foods, and pharmaceuticals.