Below is a note that I wrote in the guest book at
the Beethovenhaus in 2004, Bonn, Germany
To the left is a quote in a book
given to me by one of my favorite
piano teachers, James Blackburn
My small writing about the concept of
Personal Satisfaction and my
interrelationship between sugar and
Old pictures of me with my
childhood teacher Eric Lucas
Ludwig van Beethoven 1770-1827
Traumatic Brain Injury
Below is a picture of Ear Trumpets
which Beethoven used to better listen
to his music as his hearing declined.
Below is a picture of the room
Beethoven was born in.
Click here for more information
on my key signature sugar packet
Below are videos of me
playing piano:
The Days of
Wine and Roses
Attemping to play
piano in the hospital
Here's a cool blues song from Dixie Crystals:
Sugar Song
Beethoven is My Inspiration
'Round Midnight
Autumn Leaves