These pictures are from my stay in the hospital after my car accident in 1989.  I was in a coma for
about 3 weeks.  I had a tracheostomy tube for a few months.  A stomach tube to feed me was
inserted at this time.  As I slowly regained basic control of my muscles, speech was possible after
about 2-3 months.  I couldn't dress myself for awhile.  All the basic rudimentary things people
take for granted were far out of reach at this time.  I was in Emmanuel Hospital for the first 3
months.  After that, medical transportation took me to Shriner's Hospital where I stayed for
another  3 more months.  It was about 4-5 years until I could walk without using a cane.  Still to
this day, vision problems affect my balance.  There used to be no name for the problem, but Dr.
Wojciechowski told me during my last appointment in January 2012 that my problem is called
Horror Fusionis.  I also suffer from Ataxia which has progressively gotten better since the
accident, although in some ways it has gotten worse.
This is video of me with my physical
therapist working on sitting up in 1989
This is a video of me walking in parallel
bars for my physical therapist in 1989
This is a video of me playing piano for
a therapist in 1989
There are 3 videos of my therapies in
1989 on the bottom of this page.
Below is an x-ray taken in 2014 that shows screws in my jaw
from my accident in 1989.  I broke my jaw in three places.
This is a painting I
pianted with water
colors in 1989.