Sugarpacketchad and the
Concept of Personal Satisfaction

Whatever a person’s goals in life, trying to attain these goals is sometimes frustrating and even at times, pointless.  My ideas of sugar
and metaphor don’t always connect with everybody on the level I wish.  The concept of sugar as a metaphor is surrounding us
everyday, in books, music, even everyday speech, yet the concept of using physical sugar to represent the metaphor still seems to
allude people.
When people hear that I “collect sugar,”  the concept is foreign to them.  At the age of 4, I began taking an interest in the piano.  The
word “dolce” (a word in Italian meaning sugar)  is seen throughout classical music.  Dolce means sweet, so maybe it connected with
me on an unconscious level.  At the age of 17, after being released from the hospital due to a brain injury from a car accident, I was
unable to feed or dress myself.  Music still was still something alive in my mind, although the ability to express it was beyond my
coordination level.  
After 15 years of physical, speech, occupational, and other therapies, many of the things I couldn't do years ago, can be
accomplished now without much thought.  Things are not as good as I’d like them to be, but I still see improvements (I am 35 now).
One thing that sparked my interest is collecting sugar.  This is something that makes me happy.  I have had the opportunity to meet
many wonderful people in the world who also share my passion for sugar.  
Sugar has helped build many world economies throughout history.  It has brought both wealth and destruction to many societies.  
Nowadays we have evolved into the computer era, and sugar is looked at differently.  There is more literature promoting not using
sugar than using it.  
In my eyes, my whole attraction to sugar is brought about by my difficulties in expressing my music.  It took me a long time for this
to become obvious.  One day, as I was practicing piano, the word “dolce” stood out to me and it was clear!  All the sugar cones,
sugar packets, sugar books, sugar tongs, sugar nippers, sugar boxes, were all representing my love for music.  Sugar is my way of
expressing love for something that I hold dear to me yet cannot express in a satisfying way.
As improvements in my coordination bring me closer to my goal of performing, I will start out by posting a couple of videos on
youtube.  It will be a little while though...

November 12, 2009: Here's a video of me playing:
The Days of Wine and Roses

September 5, 2010: Here's a video of me playing: 'Round Midnight
I wrote this in 2007