Sugar Dictionary
(the word sugar in different languages)
here are some sugar facts to sink your teeth into
unlike sugar, these facts don't promote tooth decay :-)
The first recorded cultivation of
sugar cane was in New Guinea
You might have noticed that the word
sugar in different languages are sometimes
similar.  Sugar comes from the Sanskrit
word "Sharkkara" meaning a substance in
a granular form.
Sugar Cane is a member of the grass

The sugar cane (Saccharum Officinarum L.) was first
domesticated in New Guinea, and very anciently.  The botanists
Artschwager and Brandes believe that there were three
diffusions of sugar cane from New Guinea, the first taking place
around 8000 B.C.   Perhaps two thousand years later, the cane
was carried to the Philippines and India, and possibly to
Indonesia (though some authorities regard Indonesia as yet
another locus of domestication.)" Sweetness and Power, Sidney
W. Mintz
Siuga is the word given to the first refined sugar in New
Guinea.  This word is considered from Pidgin English.
Saccharine is a word that defines the character of sugar.  
It's not to be confused with Saccharin which is an artificial
sweetener that has a saccharine taste.
Afrikaans -       Suiker                   
Albanian -         Sheqer
Arabic    -           سكر
Belarusian -        цукар
Bulgarian  -         захар
Chinese    -           糖
Croatian -            šećer
Czech Republic -  cukr
Danish -              sukker
Dutch -                suiker
English -               sugar
Estonian -            suhkur
Filipino  -             asukal
Finnish -               sokeri
French -               sucre
Galician -              azucre
German -              Zucker
Greek -                ζάχαρη
Hatian Creole -        sik
Hebrew -               סוכר
Hungarian-            cukor
Icelandic -             sykur
Indonesia -             gula
Irish    -               siúcra
Italian -              zucchero
Japanese -            砂糖
Latvian    -          cukurs
Lithuanian -         cukrus
Macedonian -      шеќер
Malay       -          gula
Maltese    -         zokkor
Norwegian -        sukker
Persian    -              قند
Polish      -           cukier
Portuguese -        açúcar
Romanian   -         zahăr
Russian      -         сахар
Serbian      -         шећер
Slovakia             - cukor
Slovenia             - sladkor
Spanish               - azúcar
Swahili                - sukari
Swedish               -socker
Tagalog               -asúkal
Thai                    - น้ำตาล
Turkish              - şeker
Ukrainian           - цукор
Vietnamese         - đường
Welsh                  - siwgr
Yiddish                - צוקער
A hogshead was used as unit of measurement for
sugar in Louisiana for most of the 19th century.  
Blood was also used in the refining of sugar during
this century.
Small glossary of
sugar terms in Czech,
Slovak, and English