Homemade Sugar Scrub

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Homemade Sugar Scrub

Adapted from the "Care2 Ask Annie" newsletter.

Simple Solution
O.K. folks.  Get ready for almost unbelievably soft skin.

The other day I was speaking with Larry Pleasant CEO of The Vermont Soapworks, and he
mentioned that he and his staff had spent the morning testing homemade sugar scrubs, and that
everyone was commenting on how incredibly soft their skin felt.  Aware that sugar cane produces
glycolic acid, one of the natural alpha hydroxy acids that exfoliates the skin, I was immediately curious
about his recipes:

Sugar Scrub Ingredients

-50 percent white cane sugar ( white refined sugar works best for this as far as I know)

-50 percent vegetable glycerin to moisten the sugar (I used avocado oil since I was out of vegetable

-small amounts of aloe vera gel. vitamin C crystal, or anything healing that dissolves in water

-1 or 2 drops of essential oil if desired

-enough ground hibiscus powder for pink color (if desired)

Combine the ingredients in a bowl.  Scoop some of the scrub onto your hand and massage gently onto
your skin for a minute (the scrub will actually tighten onto your skin like a mask).  Leave on for 3 or 4
minutes before rinsing.
Did you know: sugar has glycolic
acid in it so it acts as a natural
exfolient for the skin >:-)))