On this page you will find
recipes to make your own
sugar skulls!!!
In a medium to large sized bowl mix :

2 teaspoons of Meringue Powder
2 cups of sugar
2 Tablespoons of water
The skull mold has 2 parts.  These parts
are the front and back.  The two parts
are held together by Royal Icing.  The
recipe for this is:

3 Tablespoons of Meringue Powder
1 Pound of Confectioner's Sugar
6 Tablespoons of Warm Water

Allow this to dry for about a day.
Once the skull is made, allow
it to dry for at least 1 day.  
They take much longer to dry
completely. My mom always
says, "a watch sugar skull
never dries"
I have never seen a sugar skull
mold sold in a store.  E-bay is
where I found mine.
The above picture shows a display case with
sugar skulls in it.  To the right of the display case
is a statue of the Roman  Goddess Diana.  She
is a mighty huntress and protector of my sugar